Aerial Imagery

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

We at Aerial Consulting Group have acquired the most current imagery available from a variety of sources and have spent countless hours creating color-balanced, seamless mosaics aerial imagery in the file formats you need. Our team of professionals has the industry knowledge and expertise to help integrate our aerial imagery into almost any Mapping/GIS application. Feel free to browse our Coverage Map page to see if we have what you need.

Full Market Aerial Imagery

Full Market Aerial Imagery - These high resolution aerial imagery are normally flown at 61CM (2-Foot) resolution or 30CM (1-Foot) resolution of most of major US cities and the surrounding area. Some of these markets are being offered at 15CM (6-Inch) resolution or better. Updates of these markets varies between 2 - 4 years.

Full State Markets

Full State Markets - These state-wide imagery are flown at 1 Meter resolution and are a great inexpensive option for our clients wanting a current base layer for their Mapping/GIS application. Unlike other 1 Meter resolution imagery, Aerial Consulting Group has spent hours enhancing our imagery to ensure you get the quality you deserve. Our state-wide imagery is also perfect for creating large prints and compatible with most online mapping applications.

Custom Area Imagery

Custom Area Imagery - These images are perfect for clients who do not need a full market or state, but still need current aerial imagery for their projects. Our custom area imagery is also a great option for our clients who are on a tight budget. Also if your area is not available we offer custom flights of areas you need.

Historical Aerial Imagery

Historic Aerial Imagery - In addition to current aerial imagery we have built a large collection of historic aerial imagery. These are ideal for clients interested in doing side by side comparison, research project, or looking for a unique print for their wall.