Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery

Aerial Consulting Group has contracted with the largest satellite imagery providers in the world to offer you the most current satellite imagery available. The standard resolution of satellite imagery varies between 30CM - 50CM. The resolution mainly depends on the collecting satellite and collection method.

Archived Satellite Imagery

Archived Satellite Imagery - These are satellite imagery already tasked, collected, and ready for purchase by our clients. Imagery dates range from a few months old to a few years depending on the location and cloud cover. These are ideal for remote area of interest or international locations.

Custom Tasking Satellite Imagery

Custom Tasking Satellite Imagery - When you just have to have the most current imagery of you area of interest (AOI) Custom Tasking is for you. With Custom Tasking your AOI will be collected at your specs as soon as possible. There is a lot of issues that can delay a custom tasking collection. Some factors include weather, haze, when the next time the satellite will pass through the AOI, and clouds.

15 Meter Satellite Imagery

15 Meter Satellite Imagery - These images area perfect for clients who do not need high resolution satellite imagery of a large area, but still need current imagery. This option is also perfect for overview images in your Mapping/GIS applications.